Say NO to terminal groin &
impeding public access to Rich Inlet.

What Is A Terminal Groin?

A terminal groin is a long wall or hardened structure that extends out toward the ocean adjacent to an inlet or at the end of a coastal land mass.

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LATEST: The proposed terminal groin is on hold. The Figure Eight Island Homeowners' Association did not receive a majority of votes from homeowners and therefore cannot move forward with the project.

Rich Inlet

is one of the few naturally functioning inlets left in the state, and a critical habitat for fish, dolphins, sea turtles and birds. The unmodified beaches around the inlet are spectacular, as evidenced by the thousands of visitors who boat, fish and swim the inlet throughout the year.

Rich Inlet is located in Pender County between Figure Eight Island to the south and undeveloped Lea-Hutaff Island to the north.


The Issue

Rich Inlet is being threatened by a proposal by the Figure Eight Island Homeowners Association board to build a terminal groin—a metal and rock wall, at the north end of the island.

The natural shifting of the inlet has eliminated the erosion. There is currently no threat to the beach homes on the private island. Should the inlet begin to naturally shift back at some point and erosion occurs, there are alternative ways to address the issue at a much lower financial, social and environmental cost.

What's At Stake

Damage & Erosion

A terminal groin may result in damage and erosion on adjacent islands and estuaries further down-drift from the groin. 
Rich Inlet is one of the most stable inlets in the state and has remained in the same general location for the past 100 years.

Critical Habitat

The proposed hardened structure along this natural beach and inlet system threatens to destroy critical habitat for fish, birds and sea turtles.

Public Access & Recreation

A terminal groin at Rich Inlet would eliminate treasured public beach areas used by thousands of people every year for fishing, boating and swimming.

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